Depending on the density of the game, BrocarStop GP+® mesh can be installed with a single acacia or chestnut stake given its greater rigidity.



Diamond mesh dual network, ideal for protecting seedlings in plots with large amounts of game. A second network is added to the basic single network structure.

This has thicker strands which make the structure even more solid. This provides even more effective protection against fraying and animal browse whilst also keeping it upright better.

The climatic effect (windbreaker and shade) of this treeguard is nevertheless maintained by its clever mesh.

Extremely easy to install thanks to four heat-formed folds that enable faster installation and keep it open better.

Technical data

  • Produced in polyolefin for the best compromise between rigidity and flexibility to avoid damaging the tree as it grows.
  • Diamond mesh 3 x 3 mm reinforced by large filaments at alternate intervals of 2 and 1 cm.
  • Heat forming of 4 folds at 90°
  • Anti-UV treatment
  • Recyclable