It is recommended to install StopLièvre GP® mesh with two bamboo canes or metal stakes in rocky ground.



Diamond mesh single network, ideal for protecting young plantations against attacks from rodents and rabbits or hares.

This dissuasion system is mainly effective for fruit trees and small shrubs.

It is money-saving protection given its low weight and very aerated structure.

The StopLièvre GP® can also be combined with two pre-stapled bamboocanes, which results in over 30% gain in productivity when installing the protection.

The two bamboo canes are stapled in at least two places in the mesh and are 20 to 30 cm higher so that the protection is stabilised once the bamboos have been pushed into the ground.

Technical data

  • Produced in polyolefin for the best compromise between rigidity and flexibility to avoid damaging the tree as it grows.
  • Diamond mesh 8 x 8 mm
  • Anti-UV treatment
  • Recyclable