Once the seedling is sufficiently robust, the protection must be removed so that work can be carried out on the plot later.



This metal protection has a huge advantage when defending against deer fraying by blocking the movement of their antlers. This is the ideal protection for only slightly browsed seedlings.

Easy and quick to install thanks to easy gripping and minimum size.

The metal tree comprises a main metal axis to which are welded horizontal stems of lesser diameters. These stems about 20 cm long are positioned at 90° to each other for reinforcement purposes.

Before pushing this protection into the ground, the bottom stem must be folded back for good stability.

Technical data

  • Main axis: Diameter 3,8 mm / Height 1m15
  • Perpendicular stems: Diameter 2 mm / Length 20 cm
  • Bottom stem: Diameter 2 mm / Length 37 cm
  • Recyclable