It is recommended to install the Ground cover and collars using bevelled metal staples.



PLA or polylactic acid is obtained from the fermentation and polymerisation of sugars from plant resources (corn starch) and can therefore be considered as derived from renewable energies. The PLA fibres are then obtained by extruding granules of this polymer; they are therefore totally biodegradable according to standard DIN EN 13432.

The 100% PLA felt made by GRIPLAST is a non-woven, needle-punched fabric calendered on one side.

Calendering means turning the felt constantly on a roller heated to a temperature that can fuse the PLA fibres lightly on the surface. This increases the cohesion and strength of the final product and gives it a smooth surface with no stick points.

“Cleaner” degradation than the synthetic Ground covers which unravel.

We can also offer you 100% PLA collars for individual seedling protection. They are available in the following sizes (cm): 33 x 33/50 x 50/66 x 66/100 x 100

Calendering on one side
Roller widths: 1, 2 and 3 metres.
Roller length: 100 linear metres
Service life > 36 months*

Technical data

  • Protects the plantations from the weeds that could slow down their growth
  • Reduces the use of herbicides
  • More permeable and absorbs more water than a synthetic Ground cover, thereby maintaining excellent conditions for seedling development.
  • Excellent UV resistance
  • Quick and simple to install

* The service life is given as a guide, as this depends on the conditions of use and installation (humidity, temperature, ground cultivation before installation)