The GRIPLAST nailed strips are used to keep the trees in place during their growth by linking the plantation and the wooden stakes in a non-traumatising fashion.

They are particularly suitable for large subjects being staked with one or several stakes (2, 3 or 4).

Two types of strip are available::

Eco strip: thinned, no reinforcement or pre-drilling.

Reinforced strip: thicker, reinforced with two polyester threads which are extruded in the mass at the same time, pre-drilling.

Each of the two polyester threads used can withstand 20 kg. The strip is pre-drilled when hot, thus avoiding weakening the strip by drilling it during installation. This also makes it easier to install.

The use of GRIPLAST maintaining runners limits the miscellaneous rubbing caused by the wind or the strip itself on the tree. The tension can also beadjusted so that it is the same either side of the staking.

Technical data

  • 100% flexible PVC (polyvinyl chloride)
  • Anti-UV treatment
  • Anti-ageing treatment
  • Recyclable