GRIPLAST collars fix the tree to the stake so that it can withstand high winds.

They are grooved to allow fast and simple evacuation of rainwater. The diameter of the buckle can be adjusted so that the growth of the plantation can be monitored and supported.

Dual-buckle collars:

Collars made by injection using a flexible, UV– and cold-resistant polyvinyl chloride. The collars have the special feature of being quick and easy to install.

Once in place, the installed assembly forms a protection between the stake and the tree being maintained.

This type of belt is perfect for medium- to rapid-growth subjects (installation recommended above all for private individuals).

Collars with metal insert:

Collars made of flexible polyvinyl chloride with a single metal wire inserted at its heart. They are also resistant to UV and cold. The metal wire, 1.5 mm in diameter, is pre-galvanised and over-moulded.

The advantage is quick and invisible installation thanks to the metal insert.

This type of belt is ideal for installations in public areas.